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HS-JAK JetAsia have quickly expanded and now operate charter flights between Bangkok and Phuket to destinations in China, Korea and Japan (mehr von HS-JAK)
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HS-JAK spotting in paradise (mehr von HS-JAK)
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YA-AQS visit of the President of Afghanistan in Paris with the Safi Airways new color. (mehr von YA-AQS)
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N712AX Coming from Orlando Sanford FL to make a Fuel Stop at SJU, Puerto Rico this was the aircraft operating for a while to Porta del Sol that made charters in Aguadilla, PR is now operational for charters by Dynamic Air flights to Brazil. (mehr von N712AX)
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N712AX The 767 of the charter airline of Puerto Rico now with the maintenance SeePuertoRico.com titles only operate on weekends. (mehr von N712AX)