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N713CK Look at the guy in the corner of the fence. This was really public ground with the wings going almost over your head. Nowhere you came closer to a landing Jumbo-Jet.Scan from paperprint negative. (mehr von N713CK)
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N713CK Enroute Liege-Bahrain over Romania. Shot taken from 1000ft below. (mehr von N713CK)
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N713CK All white before painted into Kalitta colors.Scan from paperprint. (mehr von N713CK)
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A6-GDP one of the last takeoffs for this old freighter which was used for horse transportation for the Royal family of Dubai. The -200 freighter was retired and an ex Great Wall Jumbo is now operating those flights (mehr von A6-GDP)
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A6-GDP The Godolphin horse transport soars above a countless lineup of bizjet tails (and that's not the MEBA that is taking place on the other side of the airport) (mehr von A6-GDP)
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N703CK operating a flight for Silk Way Airlines. (mehr von N703CK)
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