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PH-BUH taking things further - KLM cargo arriving in the early morning (mehr von PH-BUH)
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PH-BUH c/n 21110 l/n 271. Built in 1975. "Dr. Albert Plesman" (mehr von PH-BUH)
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PH-BUC "Amazon" on an unscheduled visit together with another B.747-200 and a DC-8-63 of KLM due to bad wheather conditions at Schihol. Other operator of this first generation B.747 was Amerca West, aircraft registered as N533AW, withdrawn from service in 1992 and finally scrapped at San Antonio in 1994. (mehr von PH-BUC)
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PH-BUK Louis Blriot diverted into DUS due to bad weather conditions at Schiphol and is showing his opened rear cargo bay at Lohausen, while a DC-8-63 of CP-Air is departing to AMS. PH-BUK was converted to SUD-standard, still as combi and looking like a B.747-300, in the mid 80s. Today Louis` is preserved in the Aviodrome-museum at Lelystad in the Netherlands. (mehr von PH-BUK)
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PH-BUK Aviodrome Lelystad - the rear part of the Jumbo (mehr von PH-BUK)
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PH-BUK the beautiful classic cockpit of the 747-200 (mehr von PH-BUK)
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PH-BUK Ready for taxi ;-) Looks like Singapore with the park behind the wing, but unfortunately its only Lelystad. Brakes set... (mehr von PH-BUK)