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N46AF This B.737-100, which was already delivered to Air Florida in October 1979, still had the livery of the previous owner Singapore Airlines, ex 9V-BFD, in the late summer of 1980 (mehr von N46AF)
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9V-BBE All five first generation B.737-100s originally built for MSA-Malaysia-Singapore Airlines were put into service for the first time in 1969 and transferred to Singapore AL in autumn 1972. 9V-BBE and sistership 9V-BFF left the Singapore AL fleet in August 1980 and were sold, like the first three, to Air Florida (mehr von 9V-BBE)
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9V-BBE Freshly painted and just delivered from Singapore to Miami, still registered as 9V-BBE, the fourth of five Baby-B.737 ex-Singapore AL in the maintenance area of Air Florida, became reg. N47AF (mehr von 9V-BBE)
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9V-BFF The last buildt B.737-100 in the old colours of Singapore Airlines (mehr von 9V-BFF)
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XC-UJL-TP03 The high pollution levels of Mexico city are clearly seen in this cold morning shot (mehr von XC-UJL-TP0)
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