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82-8000 Close up Detail shot of the front part of the a.c. You can barely see what is inside of the plane like the Presidents Suite and the cockpit. Secret Service Personell are accompanying the plane. (mehr von 82-8000)
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C-GDPA Brand new livery of Canadian North. A rather nice livery I must say as the polar bear represents the 3 territories of the north. The white is actually a Actic White paint for the front half of the body. (mehr von C-GDPA)
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C-FOOH 2 airlines no longer exists and 3 type of planes no longer fly for current operators. (mehr von C-FOOH)
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C-GMCP in Air Canada Zip colors, should be launched in Sept. (mehr von C-GMCP)
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82-8000 "Air Force One" Carrying G.W.Bush arriving. At this time he is most likely located around the mid section sitting in his lazyboy before he disembarks. (mehr von 82-8000)
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