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N8501W After having rained for many hours we were lucky to get a nice mirror-effect in the late morning hours on this 1952-built Flying Boxcar. (mehr von N8501W)
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N272R Another DC-3 still going strong in Alaska is this bird, built in 1944. With it's special radome I got it taking off from runway 32 in the evening sun. (mehr von N272R)
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N29TN Old classic bird roaring towards runway 14 at Ted Stevens in the evening sun (mehr von N29TN)
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28 Dreamliners on the tarmac. Picture taken from Condors D-ABUF during climbout from runway 34R at Seattle.
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S7-CUR Beautiful Twin Otter at its home base. Handheld picture [Canon 50D + 18-200 @ 28mm - 1/3sec f5,6, ISO 400]. (mehr von S7-CUR)
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N713CK Enroute Liege-Bahrain over Romania. Shot taken from 1000ft below. (mehr von N713CK)
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Hamburg Fuhlsbttel airport as seen on downwind for runway 15 - check out Finkenwerder airport in the upper left corner.
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Salzburg Airport as seen from FL280 out of Condor B-757-300 D-ABOC
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View of STR Airport at around FL100 including Atlas Air B747F N524MC and a KC10 85-0032. Note the 07 departure (too heavy for the Weidach Hills) while 2 aircraft are lined up for runway 25 and D-AKNS in special T-Com colors is taxiing to the parking position after landing on runway 25.
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D-ABVF in czech airspace at FL350 with many more dull hours ahead going far east. (mehr von D-ABVF)
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Picture taken on board Germanwings A319 D-AKNQ at FL350.
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Nice view of ZRH/LSZH Airport. Picture taken during climbout from Stuttgart on board Germanwings A319 D-AKNS
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VT-AIQ Air-India B744 at FL350 meets Air China B744F at FL360 over the black sea on airway UL851. Shot from Lufthansa Cargo MD11F at FL340. (mehr von VT-AIQ)