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HB-IYU Seen arriving on what used to be Rwy 16. Operated by Swiss from 2006 to 2017 and still active today with Airbus as G-WEFX, as part of the ExO Alpha Project. (mehr von HB-IYU)
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HB-IXT waiting for lineup on rwy 26L. The advertising in the background symbolizes a double-pipe exhaust system and says "Let yourself be heard". (mehr von HB-IXT)
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OO-DWJ Arriving from Brussels, diverting from Strasbourg. Further North, the firefighters were on strike, so for a bit more than one day, the EuroAirport got to handle the traffic of what was a rather busy Strasbourg too at the time. (mehr von OO-DWJ)
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HB-IXX Taking off from Rwy 15, with an Aigle Azur Airbus A320 seen in the background, just about taxiing in after arriving from Algeria. Built in Woodford, HB-IXX spent all its life with first Crossair and then Swiss from 1995 until 2015. It was broken up in Kemble in August 2016. (mehr von HB-IXX)
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HB-IYW Initially delivered to Crossair in 1999, this airframe was sold to Canada in 2017 and has been flying with Summit Air since 2018. (mehr von HB-IYW)
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SE-DSV on very short final for rwy 15. In the background above the wing you can see the basilika "Maria Plain". (mehr von SE-DSV)
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SE-DSU Lining up on Rwy 12, wearing the "Nationalsporten" design, promoting the Swedish Football Federation. (mehr von SE-DSU)
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SE-RJI Lining up on Rwy 12. The blue lines on the belly are still from its previous operator, Atlantic Airways. (mehr von SE-RJI)