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G-SKYN Sky news helicopter just arrived on the apron for refuelling while covering the serial killings in Norfolk. (mehr von G-SKYN)
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G-SKYN Making a few adjustments before departing, after refuelling. (mehr von G-SKYN)
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VH-JAM c/n 38-82A0078. ex N2605V. Taken after fellow spotter Julian A took me for a burn around the taxiway. It had to be moved to its parking spot, so i went along for the 100 metre ride :-) [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-JAM)
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VH-GAO c/n 32-222. This Six might be about 40 years old, but you wouldn't be able to tell with the nice and reasonably new paint job. [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-GAO)


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VH-FLX c/n 38-79A1146. ex N9679N. One of the Tomahawks of Arena Aviation. A very similar registration to that of the a/c i had my first lesson in- VH-FLJ (which was originally an Arena a/c i beleive, before heading down to Moorabbin). [Olympus C-740] (mehr von VH-FLX)