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N902AW Teamwork Coast to Coast" on her departure out of Phoenix via Runway 8. The 757 features famous US landmarks along its length. (mehr von N902AW)
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N677AW Sad to see this color scheme disappear within the next few years. (mehr von N677AW)
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N822AW Finally the sight of Las Vegas on the Approach down to sunny Nevada, the strip can be seen on the left corner (mehr von N822AW)
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N822AW Here we are, welcome to the sunny and very Hot Nevada, welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas :-) Cockpit view of our A319 after an absolutly Wonderful Flight (mehr von N822AW)
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N331AW Thanks a lot To Carlos Ramirez for the info.(GYR-SJU-SID) (mehr von N331AW)
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N828AW c/n 1552 departing from stand. Now flies for US Airways (mehr von N828AW)