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N742AL Aerial view of part of the main apron at Southend with three recently arrived ex Aloha Airlines B737-700, TF-ELL, VP-CKA an F27 and a Shorts 360 (mehr von N742AL)
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N823AL not only catching the FUNBIRD "singing" but did get us a ride up to OGG on a thrilling flight. Dedicated to George, Jerry and Nick and of course the whole greek "Air-born" society. (mehr von N823AL)
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N824AL Leaving Honolulu heading for Kauai, nice to fly the old 737-200 (mehr von N824AL)
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N746AL Do you see the Big-Apple-Mountains in the background? (mehr von N746AL)
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N744AL Returned off lease to GECAS (mehr von N744AL)
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N824AL Departing HNL for ITO flying over Oahu's East coast. (mehr von N824AL)