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CS-DXF c/n 560-5586. ex N1299K. Arrival from Toulouse-Blagnac. (mehr von CS-DXF)
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F-GGXQ In flight over the south-west of France. Thanks to my friend and pilot Luc for a great flight. (mehr von F-GGXQ)
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F-GGXQ On very short finals for runway 09 at Albi in the south west of France. Many thanks to my friend and pilot Luc for a great flight. (mehr von F-GGXQ)
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HB-GDS c/n TC-850. Built in 1965. Nice plane parked up at Albi. (mehr von HB-GDS)
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F-PEYA c/n 849. With F-GGXQ being prepared for flight by my friends. Nice overview of the tower and hangar at Albi Airport in the Tarn region of south-west France. (mehr von F-PEYA)
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F-PCJH c/n 269. Built in 1998. New registration in the database. Home-made kit plane, and another rarity at Albi. (mehr von F-PCJH)
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Registration unknown. Very rare and strange looking plane at tucked away in the hangar at Albi in the south west of France.
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F-GRAG c/n 18-2539. Built in 1952. New registration in the database. (mehr von F-GRAG)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #805433 / 25 Aufrufe
F-BUMA c/n F15001090. Built in 1972. New registration on the database. A visiting plane from nearby Castelnaudary. (mehr von F-BUMA)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #805430 / 46 Aufrufe
F-BJAG c/n 24359. Built in 1958. New registration on the database. Nice old plane tucked away at Albi Airport. (mehr von F-BJAG)
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N841WS c/n 4099. ex N199GA. Excuse the foreground clutter. Very nice movement in Southampton, operating a quick turnaround and taking passengers to Nice. Nice paintwork too with the lady on the nose. (mehr von N841WS)
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G-AVUZ c/n 32-40302. Built in 1967. New registration on the database. Jersey based aircraft, parked up at Southampton. (mehr von G-AVUZ)
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G-BXRS c/n F9741. Built in 1970. New registration on the database. Wearing Army Air Corps colours, with old registration XW613. (mehr von G-BXRS)
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G-BYHG A couple of regular props in action at Southampton. (mehr von G-BYHG)
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G-BOPB Taken a couple of days before XL Airways UK ceased operations. (mehr von G-BOPB)
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G-OMYA Positioning into Southampton from Cardiff to take children to Lapland for a Christmas break. (mehr von G-OMYA)
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CS-DNU c/n 258479. Arrival at sunset in great light. (mehr von CS-DNU)
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N8BX c/n 111. Very smart business jet parked outside Signatures awaiting passengers. (mehr von N8BX)
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VT-JWN Turning back into the delivery centre. Note the new Hall D for Blagnac airport being constructed in the background to the left. (mehr von VT-JWN)