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NX36DV On display at the Museum of Flight. Built in numbers, the D.V suffered from lower wing failures and was considered outdated by Manfred von Richthofen. This replica is painted in the markings of Oblt. Richard Flashar, commander of Jasta 5. Dragon Albatros W/n 5636/17 was handed over to Lt. Hans Joachim von Hippel, who succeeded in making a crash landing after combat on Feb. 18, 1918. (mehr von NX36DV)
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On display at the National Air and Space Museum. The Albatros series suffered from wing failures in prolonged dives. However, it remained a frontline fighter and produced a number of German aces, including Manfred von Richthofen, who scored three-quarters of his 80 victories with the Albatros. This is a late war build that served with Jasta 46 that was formed at Graudenz. It was damaged in combat and was not repaired, eventually finding its way to the USA and was acquired by the Smithsonian.
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D7343 Built as a flying replica in New Zealnd as ZK-DVD. Firts flown 1st Jan 2012. Crated and sent to the UK in August 2013. Retired to the RAF Museum at Hendon as a static exhibit after a total of only 11 hours flying (mehr von D7343)
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ZK-TVD On display in the Grahame-White Factory of RAFM Hendon as Vizefeldwebel Kurt Jentschs Albatros of Jasta 61. (mehr von ZK-TVD)
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G-BFXL [Canon EOS300D]. At the Fleet Air Arm Museum. Replica G-BFXL, painted as D5397/17. Not sure why it has a little friend on the wing! (mehr von G-BFXL)
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N986RS Engine test during the first 'draaidag' (testing day) at the Stampe & Vertongen Museum at Antwerp Airport. For more info see : (mehr von N986RS)
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