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F-WWSH c/n 038. > D-AIMA. "Frankfurt am Main". First Lufthansa Airbus A380 in full color. (mehr von F-WWSH)
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D-AIHS DLH741 Osaka - Frankfurt diverted to Hamburg FuhlsbŁttel due to bad weather in Frankfurt. (mehr von D-AIHS)
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D-AIAI "Erbach/Odenwald" Scrapped in Lasham in August 2008 after 21 years in service with Lufthansa. (mehr von D-AIAI)
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N34137 The daily flight to New York Newark. In the background you can see Hamburg's new ground radar. (mehr von N34137)
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D-ATUF Departing to it's first cruise flight to Asia. Next stop will be Jaipur. Sadly the weather was very rainy on that day. (mehr von D-ATUF)