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A6-EHB Enjoyable daytime FRA-AUH flight (mehr von A6-EHB)
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9V-SGC It is very rare that one can get this type of photo. I was on a photography assignment when a huge storm swept into Changi Airport. Normally in these weather conditions it is time to pack up and head home. But when you are on assignment, you have to wait it out. Suddenly out of the pouring rain came SQ22 bound for EWR with the rain bucketing down! I clcked, and here is the result. What a moment! (mehr von 9V-SGC)
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9V-SGC CN 478 Delivered 2004. About to touch down runway 02 Center. (mehr von 9V-SGC)
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A6-ERB blasting out of dusty Tunis! (mehr von A6-ERB)
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A6-ERB departing runway 18 on time! (mehr von A6-ERB)
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A6-EHC Arriving in to take Man City FC on their pre-season tour of the Far East (mehr von A6-EHC)
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HS-TLD The Thai Prime Minister Mrs. Yingluck Shinawatra leaves Berlin to Paris. Nice to see a A340 in TXL again. (mehr von HS-TLD)
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HS-TLD VIP flight with the prime minister of Thailand on board (mehr von HS-TLD)