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A6-EOE First Special in "new" EK Colors - Advertising for the Rugby World Cup in France 2023 (mehr von A6-EOE)
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A6-EOE .... "Rugby World Cup France 2023" - colours (mehr von A6-EOE)
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A6-EOW eleventh photographic session of 2023 inside the Malpensa airport. From this position called "deicing" the planes entering runway 35L are photographed. at a distance of 46 meters. To participate in these events information on (mehr von A6-EOW)
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9V-SKA SQ'S very First A380 pushes back as seen from my room at Crowne Plaza. Only memories now as she has since been scrapped. (mehr von 9V-SKA)


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A6-EEY Approaching Rwy 26L, arriving from Dubai as EK15. (mehr von A6-EEY)
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VH-OQC Paul Mc Ginness decelerates on runway 02L illuminated by the early morning sunshine. She arrives as QF32 from London with a further onward leg to Sydney. Sight as seen from my room at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. (mehr von VH-OQC)
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VH-OQK John, repainted in the current corporate livery, descends over Changi Business Park as QF35 from Melbourne. I will try to spot Reginald after the wind direction changes and the sun lights up Reginald just as nicely as it does for John now. (mehr von VH-OQK)
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A6-EOG first appearance of Emirates' revised colour scheme in database! (mehr von A6-EOG)