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F-UJCG After 45mins on ground, flight FAF4101 taxiing to holding point rwy 15 via taxiway Bravo to Brest before his return flight to Istres. (mehr von F-UJCG)
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F-UJCG Flight FAF4101 landing rwy 15 from Istres on an unexpected visit during this afternoon. (mehr von F-UJCG)
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ZZ331 Evening special visitor in Poznan, Voyager take-off from runway 10, flight RR2823 to Brize Norton BZZ. (mehr von ZZ331)
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ZZ331 ZZ331 taxiing to runway 10, flight RRR2823 to Brize Norton - BZZ (mehr von ZZ331)


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ZZ338 Fourth special visit of Voyager in May in Poznan, flight RRR 2410 from Brize Norton BZZ (mehr von ZZ338)
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ZZ338 ZZ338 Taken after heavy rain at Poznan-Lawica POZ, flight RRR2410 from Brize Norton BZZ. (mehr von ZZ338)