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F-GKHE About to land on Rwy 16. Initially delivered to Swissair as HB-IVK in 1992. Got scrapped upon withdrawal from use in 2011. (mehr von F-GKHE)
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F-GLIS About to touch down on Rwy 16 as it were, arriving from Paris-CDG. Flew with KLM Cityhopper as PH-EZS from 2009 until 2017. Then became OB-2153-P with Wayraperu. (mehr von F-GLIS)
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F-GZNL On short final for Rwy 14 at Plaisance on a winter afternoon as AF470 from CDG. This aircraft was newly delivered to Air France on 02 Apr 2012. (mehr von F-GZNL)


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F-GUGF Approaching Rwy 05 as it were, arriving on a flight from Paris-CDG. Withdrawn from use by Air France in December 2021. Transported from Kemble to Newark in Nottinghamshire, UK in October 2023 to be preserved as an instructional airframe. (mehr von F-GUGF)
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F-HBLB Arriving on Rwy 16, completing a flight from Paris-CDG. Very new at the time, having been delivered two months before. (mehr von F-HBLB)
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F-GPYM Arriving on Rwy 16 as it were, operating a flight from Lyon. (mehr von F-GPYM)
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F-GRGB Arriving on Rwy 16 as it were. Became G-OWTN with BAE Systems Corporate Air Travel in 2013. (mehr von F-GRGB)
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F-GPMD Touching down on Rwy 16, arriving from Paris Orly. Withdrawn from use in March 2020 and scrapped at Tarbes-Lourdes in 2021. (mehr von F-GPMD)
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