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F-WTSA night spotting session on the ground of the Aviation Museum at Orly. Many thanks! (mehr von F-WTSA)
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F-WTSA on display at Orly Aviation Museum ! I was told that they plan to paint this plane in British Airways and Air France colours (half/half) in the near future (mehr von F-WTSA)
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F-WTSA Nice sunset at Athis (mehr von F-WTSA)
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G-BOAD for those who went to New York lately and missed the Concorde near Interpred museum in downtown NYC...it is now placed at this former airfield in front of a fitness center (Nikon D200) (mehr von G-BOAD)
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G-CONC 1/3 scale model Concorde which was previously displayed at the entrance to Heathrow. It arrived here on 30th March 2007 and has now been reassembled and is now standing on it's undercarriage. (mehr von G-CONC)
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F-BVFB The inly place in the world where it is possible to see two Supersonic airliners displayed together (mehr von F-BVFB)