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EC-MMM This turboprop is named after the Gofio Canario - one of the oldest Canarian food products by the first native inhabitants that is still produced today by the usage of windmills. (mehr von EC-MMM)


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EC-MJG Taking a closer look to ATR 'Los Gofiones' (the name of a musician group from Gran Canaria) departing Los Rodeos Airport in the evening sunlight. (mehr von EC-MJG)
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OY-RUV new operator for SCN-TXL and first pic in database (mehr von OY-RUV)
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EC-MSJ Named after the 'Virgen del Pino' - it is told that the face of the holy virgin appeared in the wood of a massive pine tree in the village of El Paso on the island of La Palma. (mehr von EC-MSJ)
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F-OSIT On delivery flight a new ATR-72 600 for Air Caraibes. (mehr von F-OSIT)
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ES-ATI Late evening arrival on misty weather conditions for the newest ATR 72 in the SAS fleet-delivered in Nov 19. First pic in database. (mehr von ES-ATI)
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