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A6-ECC EK570 on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning from Dubai. (mehr von A6-ECC)
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A6-ECC My 8000th pictures on pp.net with this T7 EK Expo Blue 2020 for that first visit at ZRH. A big thank you to the whole screening team for your work during all these years. (mehr von A6-ECC)
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A6-ECC c/n 33865 l/n 664. Built in 2007. "Expo 2020 - Mobility livery" (mehr von A6-ECC)


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A6-ECC Take-off runway 28 to Dubai. In this picute you see the whole elegance and dimensions. It's always an enjoyment to see a departing B777 with GE-90 engines. (mehr von A6-ECC)
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