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N842MH Taking off RWY 36L as DL 039 to Atlanta. (mehr von N842MH)
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RA-76842 a very-very rare visitor nowadays as AZS4003 to XCR. (mehr von RA-76842)
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N842AM 3 days later another aeromexico in sju again with the new style of the windows cockpit. (mehr von N842AM)
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N842PA c/n 1057. ex N226AL. New reg. in the database. (mehr von N842PA)
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JA842A waking up at six in the morning to catch the bus from Kyoto for Itami can be quite hard - but getting results like these can be quite rewarding ! One of ANA's regional Q400s is seen here departing from RWY32R for another domestic hop ! Notice the close surroundings around Itami Airport, including a quite big "Toy's R Us" store (Nikon D70) (mehr von JA842A)
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64-14842 (OF) Rivet Joint of the USAF's 55th Wing Offutt AFB, NE/USA during deplyoment to RAF Mildenhall/UK in late 2005. I caught the aircraft in between two heavy rain rain showers right after the sun broke through the clouds again. First picture of this aircraft in this database! (mehr von 64-14842)