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RA-13392 New to DB and Ostend! Soon leaving for St-Petersburgh (mehr von RA-13392)
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EK-13399 TLR263 is seen climbing out Malta to Libya on a 3 weekly flight to Tripoli.Altough op for Tibesti it still wears the previous operator of Sudan,TransAttico.This a/c is leased from AviaUrartu.1st picture on this site!! (mehr von EK-13399)
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UR-11332 standing at Budapest-Ferihegy Airport,front of the hangars. (mehr von UR-11332)
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N133AA (cn 47828) landing on rwy 24R. For some reason it's still on my AA list.... (mehr von N133AA)
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S5-3133, after nice flight waiting on next pilot at Bovec Airport, Slovenia (mehr von S5-3133,)
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N1334U A nice change from the expected A319 from Minneapolis! Mfd. 1970 (mehr von N1334U)
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N3133Q. c/n 28-7716138. Little Piper parked in western Pennsylvania. (mehr von N3133Q.)