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08-8601 This photo wasn't taken at an airshow. It was made in the garden of my grandparents in the north-east of Bavaria. Here we see two C-130 Hercules of the U.S. Air Force on a training flight. The aircraft take off in Ramstein AFB and fly to Grafenw�hr Airport. The military training ground Grafenw�hr is one of the biggest training areas in Europe. Nearly every evening from Monday to Friday they untertake these flights. The altitude is about 4000 feet in the region of Grafenw�hr. The air lane cross the home town of my grandparents, and very often they directly fly over their house as you can see in the picture. Sometimes they cross the town 3 times in one hour. It's always the highlight for me to wait for the great military aircraft :) (mehr von 08-8601)
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08-8601 (RS) c/n 382-5609. Spottersday 2010. (mehr von 08-8601)
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08-8601 (RS) c/n 5609. Built in 2008. Was the first J-Hercules for the 86th AW. Spotter Day 2010. (mehr von 08-8601)