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F-WWOW s/n 001, incredible effect... (mehr von F-WWOW)
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G-EZPG was just pushed inside POS.11, take a second to watch out the Airport Dortmund from the roof of our tower. (mehr von G-EZPG)
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D-AKNJ There it is: LHI ship "Milano" in full livery (mehr von D-AKNJ)
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9V-SKB The 2nd A380 for Singapore Airlines, resting before more crew familiarisation flights in the afternoon. Other Singapore Airlines' aircraft are still working though! [Nikon D200] (mehr von 9V-SKB)
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F-WWSA S/N 003 after 1st Rejeceted Take Off (normaly procedure before 1st flight) (mehr von F-WWSA)
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The annual Japanese firework took place in downtown Dusseldorf again, so I took the chance to check how it looks from the airport...
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A7-BCD Qatar Economie class inside the Dreamliner @ 50e Salon International de l'Aerospace et de l'Espace 2013 (mehr von A7-BCD)
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Short final toland runway 26L with a B757 just airborne and Virgin, XL, Fly Be, Ukraine and Easyjet awaiting their turn for departure
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Wow! Today was the second training day of STR`s fire recue! Arrivals and Departures on rwy 07 as you can see at the PAPI`s!
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PK-GI* Good old Kai Tak.....still not lined up on runway 13 [Fuji Velvia Slide] (mehr von PK-GI*)
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N219BA This movie set from War of the Worlds (2005) used to be JA8147 with ANA, and now is in Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. It forms part of the Studio Tour attraction, and it very realistic. Pictured here is the central section of the aircraft [Nikon D3] (mehr von N219BA)
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Airlines from nearly all continents park at the gates of T3. Even the Qantas A380 can be seen in the picture.
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D-AIHL made it's flight very well. Came from SFO, prepare for next flight, go,go,go! A340-600 bird is longest plane I've ever heard. Producing little clowds oc smoke is every spotter's greatest joke. Come to this hill admission free, be surprised what you will see! Had a lot of pics rejected? Here shoot some new, will be accepted. Bring with you your family, happy spotting MUC. (mehr von D-AIHL)
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A6-ETA The very spacious new business class, called Pearl Zone, on flight EY325 AUH-FRA. (mehr von A6-ETA)
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D-ABTA inside the opened noise protection hangar (mehr von D-ABTA)
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Snowplows at salzburg airport
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N320MJ c/n 20028/783. This aircraft crashed on 20SEP90 during take-off at MZJ for a short ferry-hop to DMAFB. Unfortunately, two crew were killed. (mehr von N320MJ)