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D-AIBB Originally delivered to Lufthansa in March 1978 , christened "Freudenstadt/Schwarzwald". From spring 1983 until April 1985 D-AIBB was leased to Air Algerie and again for the 1987 summer season to Condor. From January 1988 onwards the aircraft was in service with Air Inter, registered as F-BUAQ and at least for another two years with Onur Air and Anatolia as TC-ONV. The plane finally was scrapped at Daytona Beach in 2000. (mehr von D-AIBB)
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D-ABUG In the summer season 1978 Condor operated a weekly flown service JFK-DUS on Sundays. D-ABUG was flown by Lufthansa and Condor for around fifteen years until her sale to Air Zimbabwe, first registered as VP-WKT, in 1981. Since 1988 Z-WKT is withdrawn from use and stored at Harare. (mehr von D-ABUG)