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G-LCYE c/n 17000296. A very comfortable ride in this spacious and bright cabin. And no more middle seats when flying BA to/from London City Airport! The Embraer 170/190 will replace all our BAe146 RJ's. (more of G-LCYE)
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G-EUNA c/n 4007. The baby Airbus with a big weight on it's shoulders begins another day of crew training at London City. I must admit she looks really nice. (more of G-EUNA)
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Departing Nice to London City Airport on a Oktet 4E departure from runway 04R. We got a nice shortcut enabling this great overview.
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CS-DSA c/n 30. ex F-WWZR. Now that's just stunning! Thanks to the captain for his assistance. (more of CS-DSA)
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Such a gorgeous day here in LCY. Coming in from Edinburgh in the early hours and looking towards downtown London.
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After takeoff from 04R to London City onboard BA8478 we get this magnificant view as we turn north. An Air France Airbus on 04R and the Emirates 77E has just landed on 04L. Spot the Qatar Airbus A330?
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A6-ERF 'Emirates 088' to Dubai is about to turn onto the active runway 34 at Zurich as seen from the tarmac. (more of A6-ERF)
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3B-NBI (cn 793) In the cruise as we cross the Alps towards Mauritius as the sun starts to set. (more of 3B-NBI)
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G-BZAW (cn E3354) Positioning into London City on quite a nice summers afternoon. (more of G-BZAW)
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3B-NBJ (cn 800) Beautiful sunset view as we exit the hold after a 11hr 40min flight from Mauritius. Enjoy... (more of 3B-NBJ)
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3B-NBI (cn 793) "Le Flamboyant". Air Mauritius 053 from London Heathrow on final approach after 11hr and 30min. What a view! (more of 3B-NBI)
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3B-NBI (cn 793) "Le Flamboyant". Air Mauritius 053 about one hour out of London Heathrow on it's way to Mauritius. Loadfactor should have been around 70%. The PTV's are nice but the seats are more than terrible! (more of 3B-NBI)
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3B-NBJ "Le Chamarel". Air Mauritius 046 leaves this turquoise surrounded island for a 11h 40min flight to London Heathrow. You can spot the airport just forward of the winglet. Terrible seat pitch and food offset by great views from seat 36A. And what a way to end my wedding/honeymoon. (more of 3B-NBJ)
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G-CPES (cn 29114/793) Shuttle 8 Charlie holding in position on 27R for a 1 hour hop to Edinburgh. Infront a BMI A319 departs to Aberdeen. My thanks to the entire friendly crew. (more of G-CPES)
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G-CFAA (cn E3373) After a 1hr 40min flight from London City we're about to land on runway 35R. (more of G-CFAA)
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PH-DMS (cn 20209) Just landed on 18R in the early hours. (more of PH-DMS)
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G-EZAN (cn 2765) Easy 012 from Edinburgh on finals in the early morning. Very nice countryside I must admit. (more of G-EZAN)
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877 Anti-Submarine Grumman S-2 at the Yesilkoy Air Force Museum.
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Being vectored through the ILS for a left hand circuit on this perfect morning. Aboard a BA Cityflyer RJ100 as Flyer 93Z from Edinburgh. Can you also spot the runway used for the Red Bull Air Race held here on The Thames about two weeks ago?
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Flyer 63Zulu is on final runway 28 from Edinburgh with lots of landmarks that make this airport even more spectacular
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G-BYZJ (cn 24962/2139) Setting out at dusk. Taken from the viewing park. (more of G-BYZJ)
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OE-HBB (cn 541) I've never had the pleasure to see this airline in real time up to now. (more of OE-HBB)
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G-OBYE (cn 28979/691) Making her way to runway 06L for a dusk departure, most likely to a very nice location. (more of G-OBYE)
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G-EZAN (cn 2765) Easy 012 from Edinburgh turning left in the climb to FL370 towards Luton. (more of G-EZAN)
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G-EZAN (cn 2765) My thanks to the crew for the flightdeck visit. (more of G-EZAN)
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G-CPEL (cn 24398/224) Thanks to the friendly crew for this cockpit visit of their favorite 757 in the BA fleet... (more of G-CPEL)
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G-CPEL (cn 24398/224) Welcome to Edinburgh, my new hometown and base! Unfortunately the weather was't like the day before. (more of G-CPEL)
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G-BYAH (cn 26966/520) I've been a sucker for 757's. Always have been and always will... (more of G-BYAH)
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G-DBCA (cn 2098) Midlands 109 during the channel crossing bound for Amsterdam with again a great scenery out there. (more of G-DBCA)
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G-DBCC (cn 2194) Having a nice chat to the friendly crew and accidently almost missing my connecting flight. (more of G-DBCC)
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G-DBCC (cn 2194) I've been waiting patiently for so many flights to get this shot. The Thames, Big Ben, London Eye, House of Parliament are all in view as well as St.James Park. Just magnificant! (more of G-DBCC)
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PH-BFO (cn 25413/938) Transitioning into Dutch airspace after about 9 hours from Mexico City as KL686. (more of PH-BFO)
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G-DBCK (cn 3049) Midlands 106 to Heathrow climbing out of 18L with 5 heavies on the Sierra Platform. (more of G-DBCK)
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XA-UDU (cn 2248) In the cruise on the last day of 2006 and heading to Mexico City as Mexicana 593. Only seconds after this shot I was asked not to make any more cabin photo's. (more of XA-UDU)
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G-CELI (cn 23526/1282) Jet2 945 on stand after arrival from Manchester on this dull and windy day. (more of G-CELI)
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N355MC (cn 23395/629) Glad this is a freighter and you're not a pax on board this one as it isn't one of the softer landings that morning. (more of N355MC)
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PH-BQL (cn 34711/552) "Litomysl Castle". She would be a dream to fly one day. Caught the beacon as well. (more of PH-BQL)
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The vast majority of the stored planes in this section is obviously dominated by the NWA red tails. Just try and count them and see how many you manage to spot.
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As you head out to Tucson from Phoenix you'll get this great overview of Pinal Airpark. Note the Evergreen supertanker (N470EV) on the ramp and it's practise area on the top left. The sixth 747 from the left is the NASA Shuttle Freighter. (N905NA)
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EI-DMY (cn 34298/1812) Enjoying Christmas with views like this ain't that hard! Aeromexico 144 completing it's sector from Mexico. (more of EI-DMY)
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XA-UDU (cn 2248) Mexicana 593 turning onto the ILS for runway 05R with downtown Mexico City to our left covered in a layer of smog. (more of XA-UDU)
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PH-BFO (cn 25413/938) Happy new Year! Thanks to the crew (more of PH-BFO)
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PH-BDN (cn 24261/1640) Named: "Willem van Ruysbroeck". KL1024 is almost ready to go. Eventually we arrived almost 30 minutes early in AMS! My thanks to the friendly crew. With this trip I've finished my own ATPL pilot training so it's time for a new chapter in my life. (more of PH-BDN)
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EI-DMY (cn 34298/1812) Aeromexico 144 turning finals at PVR's runway 22 after a short hop from Mexico City. Winglets can be so beautiful! (more of EI-DMY)
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EI-DMY (cn 34298/1812) We passed by Guadalajara airport at FL400 on our way to Puerto Vallarta as Aeromexico 144. A really enjoyable flight with AM. (more of EI-DMY)