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D-ABAF Still wearing AirBerlin colors, this Boeing is flying for FlyNiki now, operated by Tuifly... (mehr von D-ABAF)
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LN-RKU c/n 1715 "Helge Viking". Delivered in April 2016. New in database! Note the bank of fog behind. (mehr von LN-RKU)
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A6-EFL A6-EFL seconds before touching down on RWY 18R at Amsterdam under superb conditions.(1300px) (mehr von A6-EFL)
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3D-NEE The famous Jumbo Hostel just after sunrise! (mehr von 3D-NEE)
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N435KD Well what a moment that was in my life! The first ever MD-11 from this Company that I have that in action is and not on a remote stand, finally! I have been waiting for this moment for so long and finally the unknown happened! N435KD on short final for RWY 23L at EBLG.(1300px) (mehr von N435KD)
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OE-IQA enroute from SZG to PMI (mehr von OE-IQA)
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OE-IQA typical Mallorca scenery while on short final for PMI's runway 24L (mehr von OE-IQA)
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RA-96019 coming in during the worst weather conditions... 10 Minutes later at least a litte bit of sun appeared... (mehr von RA-96019)
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N700CK Well I have been waiting the whole day for this Airplane and finally it showed up! I was so so happy you can't imagine what this means to me! A big thank you to my grandfather who waited to whole day wit me for this Airplane, je t'aime papy! ;) N700CK preparing for take-off at EBLG.(1300px) (mehr von N700CK)